10 Real Work-From-Home Jobs for 2020

Only a few decades ago, the vast majority of jobs at home were far from lucrative. And before the dawn of the Internet, the scams and actual opportunities were much harder to solve.
Some of the “gotcha” employment opportunities in the past include check-in schemes, mystery shopping, medical billing “work,” which require you to buy expensive software for computer applications, and design work which require you to cash out materials before you start. And let us not forget the famous envelope-filling scam that was nothing more than a pyramid to siphon as many people as possible from wealth.
“If it seems too good to be real, it is probably.” But isn’t it?

In 2019 and beyond, there are still questionable positions at home. However, technical advances and the growth of social media have led to a new wave of jobs that are actually legitimate.

A report by the Upwork and Freelancers Union in 2017 also estimated that the next decade saw over half of the population doing self-employment, citing the fact that almost 50 percent of millenniums were already freelancing.

If you want to know the future for real skills that pay, watch out for these actual homework positions in 2019 and beyond:

#1 Virtual Assistant

With so many companies running most of them or even completely online, it’s not shocking that many employ virtual staff support them to hold structured and administrative tasks in their pockets. According to an International Organization of Virtual Assistants, these workers are “independent contractors who (from a remote location, usually their home or office) serve multiple clients across a wide variety of industries by offering administrative, creative and technological services.” See virtual helpers on sites like Upwork.com and Fiverr.com.

Digital assistants will typically charge between $15 and $75 an hour although pay varies. Nonetheless, what you receive depends on who you are working for and the skill level required for your daily tasks.

#2 Medical Transcriptionist

Although many medical transcriptionists work in hospitals or doctors’ offices, most are able to operate at home and at a given time or place. As the tasks of transcribing recorded medicine are usually the only requirements after completing a post-secondary medical transcription program are a device, desk and earpiece.

Medical transcriptionists paid $35,720 in the national median income in May 2016, or $17.17 an hour, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Although many medical transcriptionists operate independently, others find employment through their local hospital, doctor, community college or technical school.

#3 Translator

Most translators operate at home, and also under tight conditions, according to the Labor Statistics Bureau. While some need a bachelor’s degree, fluency in at least two languages is of course the key qualification for translators.

As the BLS states, in 2016, nearly 22% of translators served independently. Many of the industries were: skilled, science and technical service (30%); public, local and private education services (23%); hospitals (8%); and government (6%).

The national median salary for that occupation was $46,120 in 2016, while overall $83,010 went to the top 10 percent of jobs. Seek career listings for translators on websites such as Upwork.com.

#4 Web Developer

Creating your own website is relatively easy if you take advantage of the many free online learning opportunities. Nevertheless, many people are not prepared or have no time to build their own website, so many people create websites and blogs for others. According to BLS, roughly 16% of web developers were self-employed in 2016 and the vast majority were able to work at home, or anywhere with a laptop and fast Internet.

In comparison, for web developers the national median salary in 2016 stood at $66,130 with the top 10% receiving an average of $119,550. And usually you don’t have to start working in this area with an advanced degree. All you need is post-secondary education, relevant experience and a positive portfolio of sites you have developed and run. Intensive coding boot camps are being established in just a few months to teach programming skills.

#5 Travel Agent

Although demand is projected to decline over the next decade, travel agents who can use the Internet to attract guests and help them plan their adventures are still given opportunities. According to BLS, job opportunities may be better for travel agents who have expertise, experience arranging tours or experiences in some regions of the world, or concentrate on joint journeys.

Almost 15% of travel agents worked independently in 2016, but the vast majority of them worked in the travel and booking market. Travel agents paid $36,460 in 2016 in the national median income.

#6 Freelance Writer

Writers more than ever need to write news stories, construct content, and generate fresh ideas that fill almost every website’s pages on the internet. And while many larger sites have in-house writers, a increasing number of sites outsource their content and employ independent writers and creators of content. Writing experience is extremely useful, but what you really need to start with is passion, determination and the desire to find a unique view of daily events.

Sites like Upwork.com, like Fiverr.com and Media Bistro, list online freelancing positions. To be recruited, you will need a good portfolio or at least some examples that you can include in your curriculum vitae.

Although writing fees vary with the job and freelancer, a significant number of authors earn at least $150 per article and some earn up to $1,500 per finished article. The BLS reports that authors earned a national median salary of $61,240, while the top ten percent earned approximately $118,640.

#7 Social Media Manager

Almost every major business is on the bandwagon for social media directly and without charging excessively for TV, print or radio advertising. But not every big company has someone to manage social media pages, which is why more people have started promoting and helping businesses expand their online follow-up and reach.

Although there are very little details available on this work-to-home job, thousands of lists are available on sites like CareerBuilder.com, SimplyHired.com and Upwork.com for social media managers. If you have a demonstrated social media commander and an thorough follow-up, you might also start by reaching out directly to businesses and asking for assistance.

Social media managers usually receive the same as a virtual assistant, with $15 – $75 an hour very popular. However, some social media administrators work on a retainer or a recurring fee.

#8 Data Entry

A large variety of organizations allows employees to enter specific data in their processes, whether they are used to monitor inventories or shipments, build business plans or calculate success and production. As the most important requirements of this job are a computer and typing skills, many data entry workers will work at home and on a schedule that suits their lives.

BLS reports that in 2016 data entry employees received a national median salary of $30,100, while the top 10 percent earned more than $45,360. Since there are many data entry jobs at home, hundreds of job entry positions are also available on websites like Upwork.com, Fiverr.com, SimplyHired.com and countless of sites.

#9 Call-Center Representative

Most organizations need staff who can answer their telephone at all hours, support customers and process orders or deal with returns. Nevertheless, as more companies operate online, a increasing number of such jobs go to home customer service staff.

Being a home call center representative requires a computer and can require other software or equipment. A great voice telephone and any customer support, data entry, retail sales or management experience also help. Dear sites list job opportunities, such as Upwork.com, Fiverr.com and SimplyHired.com for call center members. However, you can also find listings in your local newspaper from other businesses.

Although the precise wage for home telephone representatives is difficult to determine, Glassdoor.com usually reports that the workers receive a minimum compensation of around $30,000 a year.

#10 Blogger

Becoming a blogger is different from any other homework that you need to turn up and create. Worse still, for years, the vast majority of blogs grow and grow to zero dollars. Blogging is not much of a work in this context.
However, there is plenty of opportunity for writers to build up an audience, broaden their website and find a way to make money and earn an income. Bloggers often make money by publishing sponsors, supported posts, Google Adsense and selling their goods.

Better still, a blog can be a inexpensive way for starting your own company, with domains costing $12 a year on average, and web hosting costs only $7.99 a month.


Includes Monster.com, indeed.com, Guru.com, iFreelance.com and Freelanced.com among those mentioned above. Using keywords such as “telectommute” or “work-from-home” for searching a traditional job site such as monster or in fact and enter “anywhere” or “remote” in the location area.

When you start applying for jobs at home, producing a full resume is essential. And if you have done some research online, it might help to have connections. References help, too, especially if you can mention anyone who has supervised research in any of these fields.

Be careful on a scam!

While there are many legitimate ways to work at home, there are also scams from years ago. But finding them and keeping them clear is up to you, and telling the real deal from a fake is not always easy.

According to the National Consumers’ League and Fraud.org, when you’re beginning your quest for work-at-home, there are steps to take and signals: research, research: it’s important to know exactly for who you’re working. When you find a position you are interested in, look for the organization you are recruiting. Check them with the Better Business Office and check on Internet for any grievances or comments that are less than good.

Request references: Any organization recruiting employees may have other people working for them. Ask how many of them and find out if you can reach any of them. It may not be a positive sign if you do not want to include references or contact details.

Consider long and hard before you shell out some money: Many homework jobs will allow you to buy supplies or equipment to start, and while this does not mean they’re not legitimate, it should be a red flag. Make sure that you understand what you purchase and from whom you are supposed to pay for your equipment. Do think about your equipment’s return policy if your new display doesn’t work out.

Most online work sites, like Upwork.com, have their own work scams detection and removal program. Many employers, according to the report, seek to pay employees outside a payment system and engage in some form of check or money order fraud. Learn more on how to stop work fraud on freelancing sites here.

Homework is a vision of many and this vision is real for more people than ever, thanks to technology. But if you want to work in your home, you need to look for the opportunities and learn the skills needed for many of these positions.

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