Pinterest Marketing Strategies: The Growth Force for Your Business in 2020

Let ‘s talk about ads using Pinterest in 2020!

Pinterest regularly updates the platform and introduces new features.

This is why it is so important to adapt and develop your Pinterest strategy.

Something that worked a month ago may not work today. It is important that you continue to work on your Pinterest plan and try new stuff.

And this post’s about that!

I have Pinterest ideas for you that you can try to help you expand your blog or company in 2020.

Pins of video
Create video pins!

I don’t have to tell you how famous videos are, from Instagram to Pinterest, from YouTube. They’re all around.

And they just get bigger!

So if you haven’t even tried to build video pins, 2020 is the perfect time.

You can film or create a video with apps such as Inshot or Canva for video editing.

But make sure you don’t give anything in your video carefully with your video pins.

Pinterest isn’t Instagram or Youtube where you want people to view and subscribe to your video.

You want to make people click on your website.

They won’t have a justification to click on if you give them all in the video.

That is why you have to use video pins to attract the attention of people and to make them click and find out more.

Visual search Pinterest

Pinterest is really wise and uses so many things to find out what a pin is. Keywords, visual quest, hashtags and more!

That is why the actual photograph you are using is so relevant.

Pinterest is clever and will know that a baby is on this photo if you use a photo of a baby but add keywords and hashtags relating to the pancakes recipe.

And then be puzzled as to where your pin should actually be put, which is your pin.

That’s why it is so important that your post matches every part of your pin.

For a pancake recipe, pick an image of pancakes and add keywords and hashtags.

Yeah, that would seem easy. Probably you’re already doing it, but it isn’t as simple for certain topics.

Using Pinterest hashtags

I’ve already talked about the value of the hashtags in my 5 tips, but I need to mention them again.

Hashtags are an increasingly significant aspect of Pinterest ‘s 2020 marketing.

They are another method for Pinterest to evaluate the context of your pin so that the algorithm can better grasp your pin.

Hashtags are also very useful for users of Pinterest who can find hashtags.

How to use Pinterest hashtags:

Using 2-4 hashtags

Do not use too large hashtags, find unique hashtags instead

Don’t use too many hashtags and spam (you don’t want to go to Pinterest prison!)

Using the right keywords

Let ‘s speak keywords now.

We all know now that keywords are very important and you have to use them on your profile and pins but it is extremely important how you use them.

Stoffing keywords is a major NO!

It doesn’t like Pinterest.

To describe your pin, select a few keywords which best describe your pin and write 1-3 phrases.

Note, you write for people, not Pinterest, the pin summary.

Please suggest writing your pin description as though you are texting a friend and asking them about your article.

how to write a pinterest summary with a keyword

An example of one of my pin descriptions is given here.

I like to start my summary with a question because this is an excellent way to capture the attention of people and have a keyword right at the beginning.

So if your pin descriptions are difficult to write and you don’t know how to start, try to ask a question.

But keywords aren’t just for explanations of your pin.

It is necessary to use them everywhere, not just on the pin itself, on your profile.

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Sometimes build fresh pins

This tip is one of Pinterest’s most important marketing tips for 2020.

It is also extremely necessary to make fresh pins!

Pinterest likes and favors new pins.

It is simply a waste of time to pin and schedule a pin on your boards and all your community boards and add it to Tailwind’s SmartLoop.

Instead, you should periodically build new pins for your posts and schedule them for your best output boards, and let them go.

Bonus tips – make fresh pins weekly for your best performances to keep traffic coming!

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Pin to the most critical boards

Another important thing about Pinterest marketing in 2020 is to pin the pins only to the most important boards.

What does that mean? What does that mean?

It means that you shouldn’t save a pin to any board that is connected to your account.

Choose 2-10 panels that are the most important to the pin and save it only to these panels.

As I described in the last tip, Pinterest loves fresh pins. And it is no longer a new pin if you pin the same pin to 15 different boards.

Only the first time you post a pin on Pinterest is considered new.

It is called a duplicate pin image any other time. It doesn’t matter whether you pin your message, use Tailwind or repin from another user. When Pinterest already exists, it isn’t new, it’s a duplicate pin.

It is also necessary for SEO to save your pins to boards that are specific to them.

It makes Pinterest understand better what this board is all about.

For some pins you have 1-2 boards that are most appropriate, while for others you may have 6 boards and that is all right.

It does not matter how many pins you save, just how strong these panels are.

This means that they are configured by SEO and are important to your pin.

You can see far better results than saving it to ten that are not saved by saving a pin in 2 really nice and important boards.

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Clean the boards of your Pinterest

Go through your Pinterest boards to see which boards do well and which boards have no value.

By going to your Tailwind dashboard > Insight > Insights > Board Insights you can verify how your boards function, and you can see analysis for all boards. How many repins you have, how many new followers, dedication, etc.

You can also click on each of the pins to see how many pins each pin has been attached to it.

Based on this info, all your personal and community panels are archived.

Also, if there are boards that you don’t pinned on for a long time or no longer fit your niche, archive them.

Now that you have lost those boards, go and build new boards.

Optimize your mobile pins

Look at the image below.

Both Pinterest users and devices they use for Pinterest can be seen.

As you can see, most Pinterest users are on their mobile devices.

Marketing analytics pinterest

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This is extremely valuable knowledge.

This means that most people see your pins on their tablets, not on their desktop.

This is why it is so critical for your mobile pins to look fine.

You need to ensure that your font size is large enough to differentiate the important words.

You can download their software and check how your graphics looks on your phone when it is edited by using Canva to create your Pinterest graphics.

When I make pins, I still have my phone next to me and go around to make sure it looks nice on my phone.

Try new stuff

And then, try new stuff!

Pinterest continuously adds new features and updates its algorithm, as I said at the beginning.

You must try new things and change your Pinterest plan, otherwise you can not sustain your traffic and your traffic will fall.

Any general marketing tips for Pinterest

This post was about Pinterest marketing in 2020 and best ways to extend your blog or company in 2020, but I figured I would quickly address general advice from Pinterest.

There are some easy things you can do that will get you great results:

Make many pins for every post

Optimal pin size is 600 x 900 (or any ratio of 2:3)

Using a programming tool to save time and produce better results

Pay attention to your Google Analytics to find out which pins generate more traffic

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