How to Do Outreach For Link Building in 2020

I explain how I used blogger information to help get 500,000 + months readers on my blog — including an exact blogger information email templates that helped me to get articles on sites like Forbes, Inc., Entrepreneur, Fast Company and more.

Until we join the techniques, methods and models behind intelligent blogger reporting, lay the groundwork why you should first consider raising awareness.

You started a blog. Now, no matter how fantastic your content is, nobody’s ever going to know about your blog, unless you get the word out there.

While your family is happy to cheer you on Facebook or friends on Twitter, you’ll also want to expand your reach beyond the people you meet. One of the best ways to expand your audience is by hitting bloggers.

What is the perspective of Blogger?

Blogger access is when you “connect” other authors, publishers or owners of websites that can help you get your name (and content) in front of their audience. It is usually achieved by acts such as posting your content on their social media, welcoming your guest blog, a reference to your corresponding article or even creative ways such as featuring on your podcast as a guest, cohosting a webinar, talking at a conference or something else.

Blogger outreach aims essentially to develop your audience, reputation and company.

You want the blogger information you do, to be meaningful — it will drive more traffic, generate new leads (email subscribers) or even direct profits.

Particularly, if done correctly, blogger outreach should be a win-win relationship.

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Enter your first name Enter your email address The blogger or publisher you’re trying to get from your new relationship will also receive something — like a major free piece of guest content for their site, an expert quote for them in a upcoming post, or a very important resource recommendation for their readers in the future.

Nowadays, however, most bloggers are very poor. That’s why I’ve assembled my ultimate smart blogger guide, so let’s hop in.

Bloggers Outreach 110: How to Do smart blogger outreach (+ Free E-mail templates) The 3 Main issues with (most) bloggers Outreach Today Stuff To Evoid in Your Blogger Extends E-mail Template How to Get Smart Bloggers outreach in 10 Easy Steps Positive Examples: 3 Great Bloggers Outreach Emails To Learn From Poor Examples:

Blogger Outreach 101: How to Do Smart Blogger Outreach CLICK TO TWEET Well, let’s dive into my last guide on how to reach the blogger (which doesn’t suck).

The 3 Greatest Issues with (the most) Outreach Blogger Sadly, blogger help generally does not work very well. In reality, the vast majority of bloggers are so poor that they are completely useless (and probably do more harm than they ever do to your promotional work).

Here’s a rundown of some of the worst blogger e-mails I’ve received in the past 3 days: Outreach E-mail Examples (Screenshot) and How To Get Great Blog Outreach Model There are probably thousands more of these terrible blogger e-mails in my garbage right now.

The sad reality is that the most blogger information I get is in the form of mass, untargeted e-mails that are full of bad orthographing mistakes and display obvious signs of an automation tool that has broken down (like mention of the wrong place, calling me with the wrong name, broken formatting etc.).

Even the (few) blogger emails claiming to be carefully designed — usually consists of: low-quality (not researched) guest blog posts rarely aligned with my blog’s niche links to SEO best practices requests for me for free product reviews or social media yellings Most blogger yellers. It doesn’t have to, though.

“In a world where most bloggers are bad, it is not hard to differentiate between them. If you want your blogger reaching out effectively to expand your blog, begin here: Blogger Outreach Problem # 1: Concentrate on Quantity (Not Quality) Blogger reach is not a number game. Avoid these 3 issues. Avoid those 3 issues.

It is much easier to establish a good relationship with a trusted and highly relevant site owner that will enable you to add others to your network.

CLICK TO TWEET CLICK TO TWEET When, instead of sending hundreds of emails simultaneously using a communication automation tool — in an effort to start thousands of conversations or receive higher numbers of links from tiny, spammy websites — you’re only wasteful.

More about the complexities of link construction (and why you shouldn’t create most links in the first place) right here.

Blogger Outreach Issue # 2: Do not tailor the approach As we’ll see when we’re touching on some real examples, a lot of e-mails are not personalized.

Although customized people prefer to provide only the most basic information, such as the name of the author, the name of the website or at the end mention of a specific post.

“If your blogger read emails like a robot-script, don’t expect the recipient to ever react.” CLICK TO TWEETY Click on your blogger-service to be even more personal and engaging. Show that you are a true person by noting everything you love about the recipient’s profile.

Blogger Outreach Issue # 3: Do not give anything of value First When you contact a blogger, don’t automatically ask for an opportunity to share socially or invite guests.

Make sure in your original email you do something useful (or at least give them something useful).

So find out whether the blogger or publisher in question can be most helpful, just think about what they want and need. Determine what you can do with your own knowledge, experience or relationships.

This might be like: Leaving insightful feedback on their site for a few days or weeks before e-mailing Regularly posting your contents on social media platforms (and mentioning them) Using a spelling error or a broken connection in an existing article to connect or reference an entry in your site.

Ultimately, however, good blogger contact leads to creating a partnership on the basis of trust (before you ask for something from it).

At least you need to give your recipients something truly useful — such as some free content for their page, a compelling quote from them in a forthcoming blog article (or in a guest post for a larger website if you’re still brand new to blogging).

Now, let us go through some case studies with real(ly) poor bloggers and show you exactly what you can do to stop with your own efforts.

Stuff to Avoid in Your Blogger Email Models And what does it look like when blogger reporting goes really badly?

Let’s begin with some examples of real life from within my inbox: Email Teardown # 1: Mr. Webmaster Fastmoney’s Epic Fail Where are we starting with this one?

Fast-money-loans-outreach-email-fail Here is the text of that blogger’s email: Subject: GUEST POST Hey There, I love your website and read a lot of posts here, which are very well thought out, and very meticulous. I can not help wondering because we are a small company and would like to write an article to publish on your website on a subject you have chosen for a link back to our website.

Please give me the subject you wish us to write about and for your approval we will provide the content. This is completely FREE and all we want is credit as a link to our website. The article could be anything you want and we’ll write you a completely free 500-word post!!

Ouch. Ouch. That’s pretty rough.

Based on how you read this text, would you like to take your blog with the “FREE” article 500 words?

Will you feel assured that a reputable blogger would provide you with a good piece of content?

There are a lot of things wrong with this post, however, so let’s take it one by one: the sender name. Come on, ha, I think! The word “Webmaster Fastmoney” instantly laughed at me when I saw it. If I hadn’t gathered terrible examples of blogger outreach for the guide, I would have spammed it immediately, and never even contemplated opening it. Attach the subject line to this short review and yeah, what a poor beginning.

The subject line in all caps is at best spammy. Never send an e-mail to a brand new beneficiary — especially one with whom you plan to be a partner — using a subject line in all text. My Gmail spam filters did not explicitly drag this one into the spam tab. It is a miracle.

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