Mailshake Review: Why It Is Important For Your Business

You know what I would rather do aside from sending cold emails to the Internet’s dark void?

Yeah, I mean … hardly anything?

It’s much better than a cold call — shudder — but clicking “send” email to a bunch of strangers may feel like a huge waste of time. And if you’re not doing it the right way, that’s it!

On the other side, the extension and link building is a major component of increased traffic to your website. This is why I tried to find resources that could encourage and enhance the process.

We are doing a deep dive into the best cold e-mailing tool (probably) you never heard of in this MailShake study.

If you want the bottom line now, I suggest MailShake as an email service — but in some situations it will only be beneficial to you. Read on to see if it suits you well!

Request MailShake for yourself, request MailShake for yourself!

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As a marketer, I was a little bit overwhelmed when I first learned about Lemlist.

Cold email has been a big factor for business growth, be it promotion of an article, reaching out to influencers or outreach for guest posting.

Read some review about Lemlist and the response rate was great, and people were asking me for a call even when I failed to respond after a week. Now, it has been my most favorite tool!

In this post I’ll review this amazing email outreach tool, Lemlist.

Previously I have tried Mailshake,, and GMass for email outreach too. Hence it would be very interesting to see how it stacks amongst these already popular tools.

I have used Lemlist for more than 10+ Email Campaigns, so I have a fair idea to explain you guys the pros and cons of the tools.

Let us dive right into it to see if it’s really worth it.

Facility to use MailShake certainly worth investing if you spend a lot to time e-mailing. It is especially useful for users who have time consuming campaigns with a lot of manual monitoring and follow-up, or who wish to send hundreds of e-mails daily. Try MailShake today! Try MailShake today!

Pros Simple and easy to use interface Very fair feature price Robust personalization, routing, monitoring and scheduling features Tested pre-written models for different campaign goals Real-time analysis helps you in avoiding spam filters and in making your emails accessible by targets

MailShake is a software application that provides cold emails for link building, lead generation and public relations campaigns in your email account. The minds behind MailShake have described it as “a easy solution to the problem of cold emails.”

Well, see if it sounds familiar: you paste in an e-mail address of a aim, write, paste a custom message, press send, and do it all again.

And again. And again.

And again. And again.

If you actually send a hundred or more email addresses, you hope someone responds — but it is difficult to know who reads your emails and which emails bounce and how to calculate the effectiveness of the campaign.

In addition, you have to monitor who responded manually and who did not, so that you can follow up on your list with every user. For will campaign, you can have to do this many times. It’s, to say the least, a tedious operation.

But despite the grind, e-mail communication remains one of the most effective ways of promoting your business and increasing sales. It is therefore nice to have a method to simplify this vital mission!

As you know, CRM platforms such as Mailchimp and HubSpot are perfect for connecting with prospects or customers who have chosen for incoming marketing, but cold coverage is a different story. How do you get similar automation when you contact people with whom you have never spoken?

Come in MailShake!

Where did you come from?

In 2017, a group of entrepreneurs agreed to shut down their popular software suite — including the marketers, notifiers and connectors tools — to focus only on the Connector portion, the email marketing.

As part of this change, Connector was renamed as MailShake by creators Sujan Patel and Colin Matthews. You decided to make it the best e-mail service tool and incorporate a range of features over time.

Today, the program is robust more than ever, but the same clean interface is maintained to make email transmission as simple as possible.

Ready to immerse yourself and see what MailShake can do?

HOW TO LAUNCH A MAILSHAKE CAMPAIGN The aim of an email campaign is to encourage the target people to take some steps to help your business grow.

To understand how MailShake works as a resource for outreach, let’s analyze a MailShake campaign example together. These activities may include: Purchasing your goods Connect to your Web site.

MAILSHAKE CASE STUDY Here’s the scenario: You own a fast growing niche website (I hope that’s true in this section!) and have just launched a brand new pillar post that you want to promote.

You know that if you get exposure, it will certainly be on Google and will start to passively draw new links over time.

Let’s see how MailShake will help you hit a list of journalists, bloggers and space influencers.

STEP 1: CREATE A NEW CAMPAIGN In order to launch a new campaign, login to MailShake and click the Plus button.

First, for this campaign, you must enter a name. STEP 2: UPLOAD YOUR EMAIIL LIST It’s time to upload the list of email addresses you want. As this is just a demo, we’ll call the campaign “MailShake Demo.” Go to “Beneficiaries” to continue.

MailShake allows CSV files to join the recipient list. You’ll have to export your list as a CSV and upload it to MailShake if you make a list in Google Sheets or Excel.

Fortunately, you won’t have to enter a huge list of emails manually. This is a big saver of time! Otherwise, there is a place where you need to type your email addresses.

STEP 3: WRIT OR Pick A TEMPLATE FOR EMAIL The initial e-mail will be created once a list is completed. You can choose the merge tags under “Insert” that allow you to customize by name, website, company name and other data points you have compiled.

Please note this will be a plain-text email, not a creative HTML email created in other email marketing software such as MailChimp.

This is a positive thing — with only a simple text email, the response rate will be higher because it appears like a real message you typed in. Indeed, for this reason, MailShake does not recommend pictures in your emails.

MailShake’s templates are one great feature, pre-written emails focused on different campaign objectives. For our example campaign, the best choice is possibly a “content promotion” prototype.

Once you get going, it could help you to use one or more of the templates included since they have been tested by MailShake developers thousands of times. MailShake has A / B checks for Pro and higher plans from there so that the response levels can be adjusted and optimized.

Phase 4: Build FOLLOW-UP EMAILS You can find, below, that you have some additional choices after you have written the first e-mail. You can program “drip” e-mails and automatic e-mails depending on whether or not the recipient answers. You can also trigger emails on the basis of a link in the email your recipient clicks.

Automation is undoubtedly one of the most critical features in MailShake. Think of saving time and money by sending follow-up emails to improve your response rate!

This frees you from dealing directly with the recipients. Keep in mind, your follow-up rate can potentially be higher than your initial response. MailShake helps you to send a follow-up directly to the response chain so you don’t have to tell them before.

After your follow up emails have been completed, you can preview emails exactly as they look at each recipient and make the last quick edits.

Phase 5: Submit CAMPAIGN Are you happy with your e-mails? Was it all set to head out? This is the spellbinding part you hit “send.” Phew!

One important point is that you can block certain days and hours when the campaign is active, or create spacing guidelines to make sure you never send too many emails at a time.

Do you want to buy SMART & INTERNAL Related lines …

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Click here to revolutionize the way the website connects to Ninja Outreach. MailShake is NOT meant to manage every step of the outreach process. You will find in MailShake your own list of email addresses to use. The integration is great when you have a list in Salesforce — but it is certainly something to be made aware of.

So, is MailShake worth it for your company? It depends on how much you rely on e-mail reporting and what money you already have to commit to e-mail.

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