5 Best Dropshipping Suppliers Platforms in 2020

You heard it right, Dropshipping! 

As 2020 started, we faced many problems like the COVID-19 epidemic, the crashing of stock markets, and businesses’ falling on a global scale. However, in such a horrific state, dropshipping is still at the peak as the demand for getting of product at your doorstep is outbreaking.

You see, dropshipping is the perfect way to starting your own business online – even if you don’t manufacture any product at all. What’s more? It is the hassle-free way of delivering your goods to the customers without having any headache as mostly the dropshipping suppliers do their job pretty perfectly.

However, choosing the right dropshipping platform can be pretty daunting, especially if you’re a newbie and started to do dropshipping for the first time.

As an experienced guru, in this guide, I will let you know about the five top-class dropshipping platforms that are crushing the competition right away. 

Top five dropshipping platforms in 2020

#1: AliExpress

AliExpress may be a supplier. You’ll want to utilize what you’ve started. Their bilingual sites make them more user-friendly and help make sure you are the foremost significant opportunity to achieve success in dropshipping. 

Easy to access the escort an Apple and Android supported mobile application, AliExpress also has an exclusive option called ePacket, which will be perfect for a premium shipping option that delivers in one to 2 weeks with warehouses throughout Asia, Europe, and therefore the US. 

Another perk AliExpress has got to offer is that they need suppliers with over 100 Million+ available products that are very conversant in dropshipping and understanding your needs. Just make sure you’re conscious of the refund policies to spare yourself having to soak up the value on your own. 

AliExpress conveniently accepts payments from a good sort of barrier options to incorporate the vendor favored Paypal. 

There are a couple of ways to seek out products to list. You’ll use The AutoDS auto finder for fast and straightforward listing and complete automation. If you want to look up for a specific Niche or subcategory products, then the auto helper tool or the Alitools chrome extension is all you need.


  • Competitive pricing as mostly listed products is being made and distributed by Chinese manufacturers
  • Little to no investment required for starting your dropshipping business on AliExpress


  • Cheap and low-quality products and mostly replicas of original items
  • An open marketplace for everyone which can lead the exposure of your dropshipping model
  • Longer shipping schedules as mostly all of the products are imported from china

#2: Chinabrands

Chinabrands is taken into account a powerhouse platform for e-commerce with major global dropshipping and distributing by providing services to over 300,000+ global sellers. This platform is taken into account a fast and straightforward avenue to start your online business because it cooperates with over 400 logistics channels in additional than 200 countries and regions. 

This dropshipping platform allows your business to net a 50% profit while shipping directly from Chinabrands to your customer. It is also considered the platform with the fastest delivery times within the market to 250 countries due to its 40+ worldwide warehouses. 

Chinabrands is also fully unified with the AutoDS software as a cooperative partner – the platform also sports multi-language descriptions, over 10,000 suppliers with 500,000+ SKUs, which contributes to their fast delivery to your customers 95% 24-hour handling time. 

Hot Selling, Clearance, and New Arrival sections are often searched when the AutoDS Chrome extension is enabled. Chinabrands provides sellers several avenues to contact customer support by phone, email, and even social media “Facebook” message. They even provide a neighborhood option for both “Pre” or “Post” sale consultation. 

The payment methods available for this platform include Paypal, Payoneer, Wire Transfer, and CB Wallet.


  • Fast delivery to customers with a 95% 24-Hour handling time
  • Fully integrated with AutoDS software
  • Focused on Dropshipper success
  • Good quality products with great prices


  • Slow customer service response to emails
  • Refunds/Replacements take time
  • Pricing varies by warehouse

3: Banggood

Banggood fully supports dropshipping, which may make life easier in some situations. There’s no membership fee to use their drop ship program, and there’s a special drop ship contract for all AutoDS members. Contact AutoDS support, and that they will provide you with a certificate for dropshipping with Banggood. 

Shipping can come from warehouses mostly in China, but they are doing have some within the US and Asia, Europe, Australia, and other parts of North America. Banggood offers a 5-20% discount (depending on VIP level) on its listed prices for dropshippers with no minimum order quantity requirements.  

They even have a mobile application and a review club that’s pretty unique within the industry. Another unique feature that Banggood offers its customers is getting rid of the Banggood logo from the shipping packaging just by clicking a box during checkout. 

They also accept Paypal, which is convenient when finding out for buyer protection. They are doing to accept many other sorts of payment also. Banggood customer support is often reached during a few alternative ways to incorporate Facebook messenger, email, phone, or maybe live chat. Using the AutoDS helper tool to grab whole pages of things into a CSV file to bulk list categories may be a fast and convenient thanks to getting going with this supplier.


  • Fast delivery with huge warehouses ready to ship to any location in the world
  • Secured payment system as all orders are processed through PayPal
  • it is easy to make money with banggood drop ship program


  • Doesn’t offer a fair commission to the new dropshippers
  • Lack of subcategories for the products of specific niche
  • Only prioritize the PayPal payment gateway, which isn’t available for many countries

#4: Costway

Costway may be a top retailer in both the US and the UK to exceed customer expectations with ultra-low prices. Even though they’re relatively new, the dropshipping world—only having their online presence since 2009 and their online store since 2015, they’re already doing more than 1 million in sales per day. 

Costway has already amassed nine large warehouses around the world within the US, UK, and DE. They not only have thousands of products from other manufacturers but even have 8k+ self-branded products. 

Moreover, they offer fast, reliable, and most secured shipping with no invoices within the packaging. Costway provides official drop shipping agreements to giving permissions for selling on specific platforms like eBay, which prevents VeRO violations. 

If you start your dropshipping business on it, you’ll receive an actual authorization certificate from Costway to sell their products. One extraordinary thing about Costway is its 60-day return policy eBay algorithm, also referred to as “Cassini” loves. Also, standard shipping from Costway is usually free with one to two-day handling, and there’s no got to worry about becoming tax-exempt because the only state that you will ever pay tax in is items shipped to CA addresses. You’ll save even extra money and boost profits by earning points in their membership program.


  • 8000+ Costway self-branded products
  • Thousands more of other brands
  • Fast, reliable shipping
  • No invoice in the packages Shipped


  • Costway delivery packages have Costway logos on them
  • The VIP membership program isn’t compatible with the dropshipping program
  • Using “Rakuten” (known as EBATES) is against their dropshipping policies

#5: Wayfair

Wayfair is the right supplier for dropshippers preferring Niche stores and specific categories. They offer a huge inventory with over 14 million products within the home goods categories. Wayfair is an inspiring example of what a drop shipper can accomplish, considering that it’s what they started as themselves. 

Order from less than or equal to $49 has free standard shipping; however, if you become a member of their MyWay program for less than $29 a year, the shipping is usually free. One pretty unique thing about Wayfair is that they encourage company employees to donate their time and money to nonprofit organizations. 

Every WayFair team member is given off per annum to participate during a unique community service project. You’ll found out your eBay returns policies with standard 30 day returns policies. 

However, be aware that if you opt to sell clearance items and get a few others, they’re non-returnable. Wayfair accepts all the quality sorts of payments, including credit cards and PayPal, which are the well-liked methods for your purchase protection, but they also offer others, like gift cards. 

A superb thanks to listing in bulk from niche categories, offered by Wayfair, is to use the AutoDS Helper Tool chrome extension to grab entire pages of things and extract to a CSV file for uploading into AutoDS bulk uploader.


  • Orders over $49 qualify for FREE shipping
  • Free shipping on all orders for MyWay members
  • Convenient Help Center


  • MyWay Loyalty Program costs a yearly fee of $29
  • Limited Categories for “Niche” dropshippers


All right, these were the top five dropshipping supplier platforms on which you can start your business in 2020. By using these platforms, you can sustain more profit while selling online. If you have any questions or concerns regarding any one of these, comment down below! We’d like to hear out from you.

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