[Updated] Dropshipping Niche Ideas For Your Online Store 2020

Tech niche ideas Lifestyle niche ideas Fashion niche ideas Evergreen niche ideas for dropshipping children’s clothing, toys and accessories Pets’ accessories Women apparel Sportswear Eco-friendly lifestyle products In this segment, we’re going to go over trends, technology and inventions that will see a dramatic rise in demand in the near future. Consider one of the following ideas if you are looking for goods that can earn you fast profits!

Technology never stops developing engineering niche concepts. There are activists all over the world who work day and night to make our future brighter, safer and healthier. If you love hi-tech things and keep an eye on the new updates and announcements, you can take advantage of it here!

Wi-Fi 6 products Wi-Fi-6 is the technology which guarantees faster processing and higher speed of wireless communication. Analysts note that this makes a download speed 3 times higher than the Wi-Fi 5 we are using now. This is fantastic news for Web surfers all over the world, of course!

There weren’t that many Wi-Fi 6 devices on the market as of the summer of 2019: mainly, these were high-class routers. Yet loads of other devices have been released, such as laptops and smartphones, and tech-savvy users are eager to get them ASAP. What’s the business potential you’d say?

Wireless tech Look at these crazy AliExpress order numbers! It is safe to say that different pieces of wireless technology are sure to be a good choice for your shop.

WhaTech estimates that it is expected the wireless router market could hit $3200.92 million by 2022. In addition, Business Insider expects the hearables segment, also known as smart headphones, to rise by 45 percent per annum over the next 5 years. Wireless Audio Industry Global Forecast predicts that by 2023 the wireless audio industry will hit the 31.80 billion dollar mark.

Sounds impressive too, right?

The market for these products also looks extremely promising!

Wearables and accessories The general public should find fitness and health trackers far more available. The technology is growing, and even those in low-income countries can afford these tools for health & sports. It helps the sellers to meet consumer segments they couldn’t touch before!

The scope for the niche really is amazing. According to the Wearable Devices Industry Forecast, over the next 5 years the demand for wearable devices should rise by 25.76 percent per year and hit the $24,640 billion mark by 2022.

Trackers, as well as other forms of wearables, are certainly a nice choice for your dropshipping shop!

360-degree cameras & 360-degree accessories are rapidly in demand for several different purposes. Video monitoring, mapping, VR video and gaming, panoramic photography, robotics … All these and many other fields allow 360-degree cameras and devices to be used, which is why the market is booming.

The global market size for 360-degree camera will hit $2430.9 million by 2025, making it a fantastic industry to consider.

VR devices Because we discussed VR just now, let’s talk about this tech niche too!

No longer are VR and AR applications ‘hype,’ ‘high-tech’ or ‘inaccessible.’ Thanks to the advancements in technology, they are available to all sorts of audiences. Also schools use these to create an enjoyable and stimulating educational cycle!

There is no wonder, then, that by 2023 the value of the global VR market is projected to hit $98.4 million. Which gives industry leaders some exciting opportunities – who knows, maybe you’ll become one of them too? … Lifestyle niche ideas Want to give your clients value? Think about the niches and items that aid in our daily lives, and build your store around them!

Smart home appliances One of 2020’s most influential kitchen developments is the widespread use of smart devices for different processes of cooking, cleaning and organizing.

But of course not only kitchens will benefit from the exciting developments that researchers across the globe have brought to us. Thanks to household apps, your customers can boost countless facets of their everyday household activities – and they’re very interested in that!

Although the market for these products seems to rely on the season, you can clearly see that there is a highly promising potential to this niche.

Tourism gear The adventure tourism will be more than just a common form of leisure activity in 2020. Analysts claim that this will be one of the big phenomena that will form the entire travel market. Of course you can’t miss this interesting trend on the market!

When more visitors are pursuing unique and physically challenging forms of travel, they are increasingly finding the equipment required. Remember that the health and safety of your customers depends on the quality of the goods that you sell, so be very picky about your choice of products!

Indoor gardening tools In 2020 home gardens are expected to be a big thing: plants will be everywhere! They will need the attention and care of their owners to find their way indoors-and, of course, special treatment accessories.

You can actually start a thriving company that is based on this concept!

Swimwear one-piece can also be trendy or out of date! As any sort of apparel, every new season it is re-imagined. It offers you exceptional opportunities in terms of a lucrative option of niche dropshipping.

Only think of it: fill your dropshipping shop with fancy swimsuits of all colors and cuts! If you’re targeting holiday-goers or swimming training fans, you can deliver a range of choices that match them all.

As you can see, the seasonal pattern here is solid. What’s also odd, each year the peak levels are consistently high, suggesting this niche has an interesting long-term potential.

Water bottles It is believed that high-end water bottles are a status symbol of the 21st century. They solve the issues of many users at once: let them stay hydrated during the day, save the money they’d spend on other drinks, demonstrate their positive attitude towards sustainability, and much more.

No wonder those things are on the rise!

Clothing niche ideas Clothing products are probably your best choice if you’re searching for a niche that easily causes impulse purchases! Without a second thought they trigger an emotional reaction and encourage the audience to press the ‘Buy Now’ button.

Let’s see exactly which fashion pieces and accessories will see the highest demand in the season ahead!

Rattan bags Various iterations of the rattan bags lined the runways of Spring / Summer 2020 New York Fashion Week. None other than Michael Kors was the person behind this latest trend, which is why we expect the rattan bags to become the 2020 must-have.

Curiously, a larger audience feels the same!

Hair clips and barrets Half-up hairstyles have been featured prominently on runways too! And if your customers want to replicate this ‘romantic hair’ look, they’ll need a catchy clip, a stylish pin, or a lovely barrette to protect their hair. Thankfully you’ve got enough well-demanded deals from AliExpress to satisfy their needs!

What’s especially great about this form of product is that it will definitely remain demanded irrespective of cutting edge fashion trends! Hype comes and goes but the number of orders from AliExpress clearly shows that these items for hair styling have always been sought after.

The fascination with metallic textiles that Paris Fashion Week has with metallic garments obviously can not go unnoticed. What would you mean with those things about the ability to spice up your product offer?

Keeping in mind the growing interest in polished, sparkling products, your market prospects do look brilliant!

Tall women You might think there’s nothing particularly remarkable about shorts. After all, it’s nothing but a normal style of clothing that’s worn many times over. 2020 is, however, promised to be ‘all about shorts,’ particularly micro-shorts.

So, if you’re looking for ways to get new customers into your clothing shop, consider adding this form of product to your bid!

Lace clothing Spring 2020 Paris Fashion Week saw plenty of beautiful lace clothing and sumptuous embroidery. While these forms of clothing decoration aren’t necessarily revolutionary or creative, they just look nice – and that’s all you need to learn to create a convincing selection of items.

In 2016, media attention was widely drawn to lace-decorated clothing, and the public interest in it has remained very steady since.

The hottest technology, lifestyle and fashion trends in 2019-2020 have kept us in mind for the longevity of these niches. Trends are coming and going, but your shop will work well!

That is why we still seek to collect some data on the projected output of these niches over the years, even when thinking about hot and hype items and niches.

But what about the niches which will always be popular? Are there things or subjects that are not popular?

Yeah, the answer!

Here you will only get a limited range of ‘evergreen’ niches.

Children’s clothing, toys and accessories for children’s apparel items.png Just look at the order quantity of these AliExpression goods! Such goods see constant demand, regardless of what happens, and nothing can change it.

Families worldwide strive to create communities and provide their children with the best possible treatment. In one of our previous research posts, we already covered this niche, so you are welcome to check it out!

The health and enjoyment of pets’ accessories pets-accessories-products.png Pets is a big concern for their owners. For these people online shopping in brick and mortar shops is a more accessible option. But the trick is to promote your dropshipping store and to put it correctly. You just go to this article if you want to know more about it.

Png It’s difficult to find time and resources for a stimulating and satisfying offline shopping worldwide for thousands of women across the globe. And you have a wide consumer market to reach if you’re operating in this niche. Moreover, thanks to excitement and trendy product updates you will enjoy an amazing opportunity to keep your customers engaged! Read the guide on dropshipping clothing for more information.

Low-cost fitness is a large industry that you can greatly enjoy. Sportswear sportswear products. Consider offering affordable and highly valued sportswear that anyone can afford easily. In this way, two segments will be targeted at once. Both regular gym fans don’t want to spend time on fitness, as well as people living in their own homes comfortably.

As already stated before, the use of organic, sustainable products is a full-scale declaration of fashion these days! Eco-friendly lifestyle pieces Nevertheless, however, it is a major phenomenon that is growing on a global scale. When people know the environmental benefits of recycling, waste management and recycling, this lifestyle is much more appealing to them.

Price! Price! Most profitable niches to try Do you want more? Do you want more?

Profitable NichesFeel search our list of your store’s most profitable niches. You must find out which demographic you want to target and learn about the potential of these niches. Also don’t forget to use our FREE research tool to test your niche and see if you make an excellent business choice!

This is it! This is it! You’ve probably already got a few ideas for a great 2019 dropshipping shop! This year is without doubt the best time to launch your drinking undertaking.

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