Top 6 Blog Types that Make Money in 2020

Blogs are all about you — what you wish to write down about, create, and share with the globe. That’s probably the simplest part about them: the openings are seamless. You’ve probably come to the present post because you already have made your mind that you would like to start a blog, but haven’t any idea what you want to write down or how your blog can stand out.

From music to marketing, the blog you create should be one catered to your interests. Without that motivation, it’s unlikely that you will continue to update it. There are countless blogs online, but you’ll have noticed that many of those you follow or read regularly fall under just a couple of popular categories.

We have outlined below the six hottest blogs that make money in 2020 alongside real-life samples of bloggers from each category and as income reports if they’re among the subset of these who share their monetization strategies with readers. 

Types of blogs that make money

Although there are countless types of blog niches on the world of the internet, however, only a few have the potential to outbreak the demand. Moreover, if you look upon the true examples of blogs that make money besides these six niches, you’ll find out WHY these are the chosen ones!

So, let’s dig-in to the six hottest blog types that can give you promising success.

#1 Travel Blog

Ah, travel blogs. You almost certainly have a favorite or two that you already follow. Travel blogs are among the foremost popular blog types because they blend a real passion for exploration with sharing and community building.

The travel niche is one of the foremost popular blog types that makes money. Most people like to travel, so this is often a particularly popular niche except for an equivalent reason being quite saturated.

Many travel bloggers blog without expecting to form a cent – their blogs are how to document their journeys worldwide and are a real labor of love! And once they start earning income, it’s the cherry on top of the cake.

Popular bloggers of this niche:

  • Dan Flying Solo.
  • A Broken Backpack.
  • Lili’s Travel Plans.
  • The Blog Abroad.

These bloggers are well-established and earn a full-time income from their blogs. In other words, they’ve nailed the business of blogging.

There are countless ways for travel bloggers to monetize and earn money from their blogs. Like the other blog niches, major income sources will come from affiliate advertising, driving traffic, and ad revenue, selling their products and sponsorships.

Travel industry businesses often invite travel bloggers like hotels, airlines, restaurants, and more to undertake products free, are paid to post about businesses via their blogs or social media, and might even enjoy completely comped trips (including airfare and hotel stays in exchange for sharing their experiences with followers.

If you’re keen on traveling and have the commitment to start a blog, blogging pays off and has its justifiable share of perks!

#2 Fashion Blog

Fashion blogs are around for an extended time now and have turned everyday normal people into global fashion icons, gurus, and megastars.

There are plenty of fashion bloggers online of each size, shape, nationality, and race representing all walks of life and expressions of private style, making it easy to seek someone to attach to.

Some of the foremost popular bloggers of this niche are:

  • Gabi Gregg – OG Fat Girl
  • Lisa Gachet – Make My Lemonade
  • Akanksha Redhu
  • Chriselle Lim – The Chriselle Factor

Fashion & beauty are incredibly lucrative blog niches, especially since most fashion bloggers also write/create content about health, wellness, lifestyle, and travel. Most fashion bloggers own their brands with content centering around their personal lives & interests.

Fashion bloggers earn income through affiliate marketing, traffic & ad revenue, sponsorships, and more. Clothing brands often approach fashion bloggers to post social media and blog content about their products in exchange free products and costs – those fees are often within the tens of thousands of dollars for one Instagram post! On top of that, the most successful fashion & lifestyle fashion bloggers even have their agents managing contracts and deals for them.

3# Parenting / Mom Blog

Parenting blogs are a number of the foremost personal, relatable blogs out there. In contrast to fashion blogs, which may sometimes depict the shiny, glossy, perfectly styled side of a blogger’s life, many blogs about motherhood seek to justify the other.

Some of the popular parenting blogs show the messy side of motherhood, making them relatable to their readers, other moms & dads who could be within the trenches with a newborn or toddler wondering if they’ll ever get an honest night’s sleep again. Parenting blogs are another niche that won’t ever leave of favor and may even be combined with travel, wellness, fashion, and other niches to share a whole lifestyle.

Most successful parenting/mommy bloggers are:

  • DIY Daddy – Nige Higgins
  • Susan Mann – Susan Karmann
  • Jaime – unprepared momma
  • Trina – mommyhoodLife

Parenting blogs are often sponsored by a spread of industries beyond kids’ products. Food, local tourism, travel, personal finance, and more are relevant to the present blog niche because they’re things that oldsters and families care about.

4# Food / Recipe Blog

Food and recipe blogs are often incredibly lucrative. Many home chefs who started their cooking blogs have realized success through their hobby blogs and have even turned their blogs into printed cookbooks!

The most popular food blogger is surprisingly travelers too. They travel across different parts of the world to try different tastes and cuisines to share their audience experience. 

Popular food bloggers are:

  • DELICIOUSLY ELLA – Ella Woodward
  • Fit Men Cook – Kevin Curry
  • GIMME SOME OVEN – Ali Ebright
  • Minimalist Baker – Dana Shultz  

With many free recipes available online and, therefore, the simple checking out the right recipe by dietary preference or specific ingredient on Google, my cookbooks are honestly just gathering dust. Food bloggers can monetize a bit like the opposite blog niches – via affiliate marketing, advertising, self-published recipes/e-books, and brand sponsorships.

5# Lifestyle Blog

Lifestyle blogs are extremely popular and one among the simplest niches to urge started in because no topic is off-limits. Like it sounds, lifestyle bloggers write on their own lives on a spread of topics like home decor, fashion, wellness, cooking, fitness, family, motherhood, travel, and more.

A lifestyle blog is often as personal and varied because of the blogger herself.

Some popular bloggers of lifestyle niche are:

  • Cookin with Mima – Mariam Ezzeddine
  • Anna Nystrom – Kapten & Son
  • Adam Gallagher – I Am Galla
  • HBFIT – Hannah Bronfman

Many blogging gurus online will tell you to “niche-down” and obtain specific and focused on what your blog is about, which is that the opposite of lifestyle blogging. Many experts say that being specific enables bloggers to monetize more effectively, so this is often something to think about if you’re brooding about going the general lifestyle route.

Don’t let that advice dissuade you – plenty of bloggers have made it huge without drilling right down to a selected niche, and you’ll still earn an excellent income from your blog by writing on quite only one topic you’re hooked in to.

6# Health / Wellness Blog

Did you recognize that health & wellness is now a 4.2 trillion-dollar industry? If you’re hooked into health, fitness, and wellness, this might be a highly lucrative niche for your blog. Of the various differing types of blogs that make money, this niche is merely gaining in popularity.

Many wellness bloggers also are lifestyle bloggers and make content around their own lives and attention to health.

Popular bloggers within the fitness/wellness niche are:

  • Nerd Fitness – Steve Kamb
  • Workout Mommy – Lisa Gulley
  • Powercakes – Kasey Brown
  • Athlean X – Jeff Cavaliere

Many of the popular fitness bloggers make money not only through advertising by traditional blogs but also through monetizing their Youtube channels. Fitness translates to video better than a number of the opposite blog niches we covered.

Like Jeff Cavaliere from Athlean XERO, bloggers have also gone on to make his athletic clothing lines, workout programs, workout products, and more.

The revenue streams of these fitness bloggers are boosted to affiliate income, advertising income, and sponsorships.

How to choose your blogging niche?

To choose the right one, you’ll need to understand ONE THING! And that is: follow your interests. Now you know that one of these blogging niches offers a successive future, doesn’t mean choosing any randomly.

You see, every single blogging niche from these six also inherits its sub-categories, so it means you have plenty of room to select your desired one for making money online. Remember, it’s all about your content and keep that in mind there will be countless numbers of blogs in the same niche as you – it is all up to you and your writing strategy for standing out on the top.

Final words 


We suggested here are among the stellar blogging niches that can make tons of money and their chances of success on blogging roadmap are greater. From traveling to food & recipes and personal healthcare to parenting and child care, all of these niches consist of basic human needs like wealth, health, food, and personal care, which can never be dejected over time. 

Selecting the right blogging niche can be difficult, especially if you are a beginner. Always do proper research while making a move and see what others are doing – to know the insights of a specific niche in the marketplace. If you have difficulties or questions, please share your thoughts. We’d be happy to listen from you.

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