Amazon Merch: Start Your Global Clothing Business From Home

It was almost impossible to start a T-Shirt company without a network or customers, factories and lots of blank tee shirts.

But it’s getting easier with Merch via Amazon!

There is no advertisement to carry the consumer to my site and I have never had to deal with it.

The Demand Process of the Amazon Print:

With Amazon’s requirements you build the shirt

Set the price

Amazon produces the list of items

You’re selling

Amazon will give it to the client

A royalty is paid

Amazon’s Printing on Demand process

I’ve been corrupt

I scaled operations as quickly as possible in just a couple of months. Sales began to flood in and soon I was running a T-Shirt company for 5 months via the Amazon market, which continues to operate and expand today.

Now let’s go through the specifics so that I can show you how to develop a profitable company from Amazon.

Starting an Amazon Merch by Company

What’s the Amazon Merch?

How to Apply by Amazon to Merch

How to complete the invitation form

How to get accepted into the Amazon market

Amazon Tier Level Merch

How to Scan Niches

Creating and Outsourcing Prototypes

Keyword Maximizing The Merch via Amazon Listing

Extending Your Scope

Merch with the Amazon Banner

What’s the Amazon Merch?

It’s a print-on-demand (POD) platform that allows you to sell Merch on Amazon by simply uploading a template. The service has grown from t-shirts to a full range of clothes, including regular and luxury t-shirts, long-sleeved shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies.

The Merch by Amazon software was released at the end of 2015. The software was initially developed to help app developers monetize their products.

The way the whole program works is clear.

You upload your art to the site once you have an account.

From there, you choose the product you want to sell.

If you’ve submitted your design to the product form, select-colors the product looks best.

Offer him the price and the title

Publish it to the Amazon

From here, your product is now live and searchable on the Amazon Website. You’re making money from a royalty on any Amazon product you buy.

Merch by Amazon used to be free to everyone. As the software became more popular, they had to turn the system into an invitation only where you had to apply for an account.

Applications are, however, accepted within a few days to a week or so. Keep in mind that as the software expands, Amazon needs to create more facilities to store all of the printers that run 24/7 to print our designs.

Merch by amazon, sign the banner

How to Apply to Amazon Merch

It’s a very simple method to sign up for Merch via Amazon. — It should take you no longer than 10 minutes to get through the application process.

Stage 1: Collect the following information to sign up:

Details on company communication

Bank account and routing number

Social security or other tax identification number

Step 2: Ask for an invitation. Head over to https:/ to see the orange invitation request button:

Signup page for Amazon merchandise

Phase 3: Sign up for your Amazon account. It could be your buyer account, your seller account, or a brand-new account that you built specifically for the Amazon Merch account.

Phase 4: Start the application. You will be asked to fill out your company profile, the banking details, and then take a short tax survey.

Phase 5: Please take the tax questionnaire. If you are not from the USA, Merch by Amazon can withhold up to 30% of profits from tax withholding.

Phase 6: complete the invitation form.

Amazon Merch Account Page

If you don’t have a company set up for Merch by Amazon (you probably don’t), just use your first and last name. Make sure that all the details you’ve put in here are your REAL contact information so that Merch knows that you’re filling out these forms sincerely and that you’re accepted into the program.

Finish these few pages and then take the tax questionnaire.

Amazon tip withholding tax


Now that you’ve got all your contact and tax details out of the way, you just need to complete the invitation form.

How to complete the contract with Amazon Request Invitation Form

Merch by Amazon request form

There are three parts that you need to fill out for the completed invitation form. Depending on your company and past experience, you may need to fill out the form differently.

Industry Type: There are a few choices to choose from in the drop down menu. If you have completed the application with your personal name, I would suggest that you choose a new T-Shirt company. If you used a company name, just choose a small business in the drop down box.

Organization Name: This is where you enter your personal name for your company. If you entered a personal name on the first page of the application, enter the same name here. Otherwise, please use your business name in this package.

Additional Information: You want to provide all the relevant information that makes you stand out from other candidates, such as blogs, and print on-demand designs that you have done in the past.

Additional information is where you want to provide all of the information we list below.

How to get accepted into the Amazon market

You want to give Amazon as much details as possible to accept your invitation. You don’t have to be a graphic designer. Only be as straightforward as you can to let them realize that you’re a serious seller.

If you have print experience on demand, link to other designs that you have on various websites.

Link to your own personal website. Amazon likes to see users selling on other sites or getting an audience.

Explain how you’re marketing and selling to Amazon’s community and customers?

Build 5-10 original designs to view on your application.

Include trademarks that you can own.

Art Licenses that you might have

Know, none of this is NEED to get accepted into the program, it just gives you a head start and a better chance. You can build additional designs yourself or learn about outsourcing below.

Develop Outsourcing Company We recommend:


Teespring The season



Spread T-shirt

What is the Amazon Tier Level Merch

You will have 10 design slots available when you first get access to your account. When you’ve made 10 sales and filled up most of your slots, you’ll get tiered. Tiering up lets you upload more designs a day, as well as increase the total number of live designs for sale on Amazon.

Take a minute to the title and think about yourself.

What would a customer have been searching for if they were searching for this specific shirt? In the example I like to use for black cats, maybe there are some very big ears to look spooky.

Amazon Merch Bullet Points Study

Note how this doesn’t only tell the prospective buyer what’s on the shirt, but you’re taking the time to actually sell it to them. You add keywords (kitty, sweet kitten, kitten tee, Halloween costume, gift) but you persuade them to buy from you at the same time.

Definition of product

The definition of the product has no effect on the position of your t-shirts in the Amazon. Brand details may not be taken into consideration when rating, but they ARE what appears to people looking for their t-shirts on mobile devices.

They’re also seen as a meta summary in Google. So, you need to fill out a summary of the product even though they state that this slot is optional. What I would recommend is to ensure that the product pages are optimized to provide the consumer with better details. That way, you’re always selling the customer and, at the same time , having those keywords to potentially rank in Google.

Snapshot of Amazon Earnings

The second one is from a man called Scott. Actually, I ran into Scott years ago when I was building up my affiliate website company. It took me a while, but one day, when we were talking about Skype, I finally convinced him to try Merch. In reality, he started out a lot like what I did. He produced about 50 text-based designs himself, and as soon as he saw that he had made a few sales, it was outsourcing from then on. I’d say it was worth it:

Example of Amazon Earnings

Finally, we’ve got Greg. I still preach that in order to hit those big numbers, you simply have to be able to put in time and effort. What’s going to happen if you put in the least effort though? Only enough to learn the ropes and make some sales?

Ok, when I was thinking about Greg, I asked him what I was supposed to say, since his numbers are far smaller than the two screenshots above. There were the first words out of his mouth:

“This is what you can do with just 3 hours a week”

Example of Amazon Earnings

Wrapping this up, man.

If you did that at the end of this post, congratulations! That’s all about wraps up the basics of how to start a business selling T-Shirts online.

If you take the time to get through everything and start, while staying committed, you can exploit millions and millions of Amazon customers to build up a six-figure clothing business in an extremely short time.

It’s never been that easy, but with this new on-demand print platform that many people still don’t know, it’s time to take advantage of. If you don’t have any of the startup costs you need, then spend a little time learning how to build yourself.

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